New Provider Application Fee

2.64039041 ETH



There are two ways to request to have your search resource included as a Presearch Provider.


  1. Have your community / users sign up for Presearch and use the ‘Request a Provider’ form.  If we receive more than 100 requests, and your service meets our requirements, then we’ll automatically add you to our queue of new providers and you’ll be added when you are at the front of the queue.
  2. Pay the New Provider Application fee and as long as your service meets our requirements, you’ll be added as a new provider within 5 business days. We will also announce to our channels that you have been added as part of our ‘New Provider’ announcements.

To expedite your inclusion and provide you with direct contact with our Presearch Provider liaison, you can simply purchase the package you’re looking at now using the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the right.

Once we receive your payment (payable only in PRE – you can buy PRE here), we’ll get to work reviewing your service, adding it in, and providing you with a communication you can push out to your community as we prepare to announce your arrival to our 1.2m registered users.


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