Provider Review & Medium Promotion Fee

9.17752469 ETH



Want to build trust and credibility, not just with the community of more than 1.25 million Presearchers, but with your existing users and new users alike?

Then take this opportunity to have a third-party review your service, discuss your privacy and data policies and do a deep dive into the features and benefits of your service.

The result of this review is a video and post on the Presearch Medium account that will cover the ways that your service is different from your competitors, and where the review comes from a third-party editorial perspective that makes it possible to communicate your value without being self-promotional.

For an example of a Provider review, please click here: 

Your video will be up to 5 minutes long, will contain professional graphics and titling, and a walkthrough of your service and review of your user policies. Here’s an example video: 

Once this post goes live, we’ll promote it on our social channels in addition to within our Medium account.

You will be able to promote this create content on your own channels and will have full right and title to the video file for upload to your own channels if you wish.

The turnaround time for this service is 2-4 weeks, depending on the speed with which you can provide the information required to complete the review.


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