Social Promotion Fee

5.24429982 ETH



Want to reach thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts on the Presearch social media channels?

Included channels are:

Twitter: (7,400 followers) (6,250 followers)

Telegram: (7,000 followers) (6,100 followers)

Facebook: (13,000 followers)

We will work with you to create the content to be sent, including text, images and any links to external sites or videos. 

You will be provided with a detailed report detailing the number of emails sent, how many were opened and click through rates to your links.

Presearch reserves the right to reject and approve both Providers to promote and their content.

In the event that you purchase your tokens directly from the project via, and we decline to promote you to our social channels, you will be refunded in full with the exact amount of currency paid for your PRE tokens. Ex. if you paid 1 BTC, you will receive a 1 BTC refund. If you purchase tokens from another source, your PRE will be refunded, but we cannot refund your original currency.


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